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Why Should a Company Use a Graphic Design Company?

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Large companies will often have their own in-house graphic design team, so a lot of the work that we quote for will be from smaller and mid-sized companies. Budgets at these companies are often tight and outsourcing creative work to a professional designer can seem expensive, especially if someone in-house has an arts degree or some experience of Photoshop. However, good design is worth paying a little extra for. Here are 5 reasons why you should use a graphic design company:

1. Creating a Good First Impression

“First impressions last” is a neat aphorism for two reasons. Firstly (our copywriter is keen to point out) it opens with the adjective ‘first’ and closes with the intransitive verb ‘last’ – so ‘first’ is first and ‘last’ is last, making the sentence partially autological. More importantly, the sentiment is a true one: first impressions do last – good impressions and bad impressions. The first impression that many people will have or your company is its branding. Hiring a designer will ensure that your branding looks good.

2. Consistency Across All Media

Your branding should appear across media. Your website, business cards, company vehicles, letterheads, advertisements and shop sign should all be branded. A graphic designer will be able to create you branding that looks consistently good across all the media.

3. Mistakes are More Expensive

The initial outlay for a graphic designer may seem like a lot of money, but it is nothing compared with the expense of correcting mistakes. Suppose a member of your team designs a logo that looks great on paper, but terrible when expanded to be stencilled on your van. Changing branding across all media is expensive for you and confusing for customers. Get it right the first time by hiring a graphic designer.

4. Visible Readable Content

Advertising in particular benefits from design. You want the content of your advert to be visible and readable. This is especially true of content that is to appear online as the advert may display differently on different devices and browsers. A graphic designer will be able to account for this.

5. Showcase Your Business

Presumably, you think that your business is a worthwhile enterprise. Why wouldn’t you showcase it in its best light? Hiring a good graphic designer will promote your business by improving the consistency of its branding and marketing materials – freeing up your time to get out there and find more customers.

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